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The big-screen adaptation with Ben Stiller (as Starsky) and Owen Wilson (as Hutch) spoofs everything the TV show took so seriously, and to good effect. In this outing, we find out how the duo became partners, and why. It seems both are misfits, with the opposing personality traits of the originals exaggerated to an almost-impossible level, giving them a very high-energy odd-couple buddy vibe as they chase aspiring drug kingpin Reese Feldman (Vaughn). Of course, Huggy Bear is there to assist (in the person of Snoop Dogg, who is spot-on). Stiller and Wilson have this act down, and they never linger on a gag too long. One of the better '70s show spoofs (which may seem like damning with faint praise). Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul have a quick cameo near the end.


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Available on VHS, DVD
Running time 97 minutes.
Originally from United States.

Cast and Crew

Buddy Cops, Period Piece: 1970s, Smuggler's Blues, Action-Comedy, Cheerleaders, Satire & Parody, Adapted from Television, Screen Teams: Stiller & O. Wilson
Todd Phillips, John O'Brien, Scot Armstrong
Ben Stiller, Owen C. Wilson, Snoop Dogg, Fred Williamson, Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis, Amy Smart, Carmen Electra, Jason Bateman, Will Ferrell, Christopher Penn, Richard Edson, George Kee Cheung, Jeffrey Lorenzo, Molly Sims, Patton Oswalt
Barry Peterson
Todd Phillips
Theodore Shapiro
Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul, Lee Orloff, Randall Poster, George Drakoulias, Leslie Jones, Louise Mingenbach, Ed Verreaux

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